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Are you looking for IT support?  Would you like a faster response than you are currently getting?

 If you are looking for IT Support, with a quick response and fix rate, look no further! We are proud to be supporting many start-ups and small businesses in our local area. Take a look at what we have to offer and join us in our quest for being the most reliable and affordable IT Support company in Bristol.

We have a selection of plans designed to meet the needs of smaller businesses.  With a basic support package, you can protect your PC or laptop with anti-virus and have unlimited remote support for just £20.40 per month.

Promote your business with a new website.  Already have one?  We can also update your existing site too.  We host websites from as little as £30 a year.  We can keep your website up-to-date and running smoothly with our website maintenance package from £100 per month.

If you’re looking to sell online, we can build you an E commerce site (price will depend on the amount of products listed).

Flexible to suit your business

As a mobile business, we are happy to visit your premises to assess your IT needs.  If you’d like to arrange a free consultation,  please contact us:

If you would prefer ad-hoc support, please call 0333 023 2082.  

We will post any ongoing hosting issues on our social media sites.  


A typical 4 page
website will
cost approx.


Responsive and
SEO Friendly

Website Building 

Designing your website

Imagine you are your customer.  What would you search for in order to find your business online?  What would you type in a search engine?   Asking yourself these very important questions is key to building a successful site.  This is your target, and a great start to generating the keywords you would like to rank in search engines.

Pictures, graphics and icons are somewhat important for design however the most important part is the content.  Spend time considering what you’d like to have people read about your business and make sure your visitors can access the information they require.  Customers should be able to easily find your contact details and don’t forget the legalities necessary for company websites.

Once the site is built, remember to keep it alive!  Blog posts and keeping your information up-to-date regularly is key to reminding search engines that your site is still active.  Our websites are designed so that our customers can easily update them, add pages and edit content.


We recommend that you research the legalities for your business. Please read up on the Electronic
Commerce Regulations (EC Directive), Consumer Protection (Distant Selling) Regulations and, of
course, The Data Protection Act.

The details needed for successful sites:

• Your company, business or trading name. Registration Place. Registration Number. VAT
number. Registered office address.
• Details of any trade body or regulator registration.
• Contact details for your customers – emails and phone numbers.
• The logo (high resolution preferably. Photoshop or Illustrator files accepted).
• Your tagline, motto or mission.
• Domain name or preferred domain address. Costs will be separate and will need to be
renewed annually. Domain names usually cost £6 for a ‘’, and a ‘.com’ is £12.
• What is the industry and sub industry of the business?
• Details on how your customers can pay you e.g. PayPal, Visa or Google pay.
• Opening hours plus any out of hours contact if available.
• URL addresses for any social media sites you have and would like included, e.g. Facebook,
Twitter, LinkedIn.
• Images – these must be owned by yourself or your company. We do not supply images for
sites therefore it is important to consider the types of images you wish to include. SVG
images are generally better for resizing. Consider what you’d like for your icons, logo and
background images and name them accordingly.
• Endorsements or testimonials from existing clients/customers. Must include the date they
were written and by whom.
• Preferences – Would you like a one page site or multi – page site? If the latter, what other
pages would you like included? (e.g. a contact page).
• A description of your business or company. This is what will be on your home page.
• Page contents – describe in as much detail as possible. 300 words per page is ideal for
search engine optimisation.
• Details of your Privacy Policy, Terms of Service and Copyright information.
• If you have an idea of the layout or a template in mind – let us know.
• SSL Certificate – Costs will be charged separately. Annual renewal required. Recommended
if selling online products or services, collecting data using forms or using password logins.
Most merchant accounts require you to use an SSL certificate.
• Terms & Conditions, Delivery Policy, Returns Policy. These will be required for e-commerce
• Cookie policy – where required.

Monthly Services We Offer

Search Engine Optimisation. Think about the keywords you’d like to use and incorporate
these into your page.  Our S.E.O package will cost from £75 a month.

Monthly Website Maintenance. Consider using our service to maintain your website once
it’s up and running. Services include editing and amending pages, fixing bugs, upgrading the
theme and security updates.  £100 per month.

SEO process

Monthly Support at Affordable Prices

Affordable Monthly Subscriptions

Rent a Virtual Private Server.
Exchange Online e mail licences.
IT Support.

We offer monthly subscriptions for our IT support, e mail licences via Office 365 and you can also rent our own V.P.S, ideal for those that need more storage for their work.

Computer Services

Sometimes, PC’s need a little TLC.  That’s why we offer a range of treatments for your very special workaholics.

Upgrade your PC with RAM & Hard Disk installations. 

RAM upgrades for PC’s, laptops and Chrome books.

Hard Disk additions or replacements.


Infected computer?  No problem.

We can remove the virus from your PC’s, laptops & devices.  

Virus removal

PC getting a bit slugish?

Give it some TLC with our computer service.

Service includes:

Physical clean inside and out of device.
Hard-disk check.
Defragmentation of Operating System.

Computer check

Need a bit of HELP?

We’re here to help and nothing can be easier than being shown ‘how to‘.  Our most frequently asked questions will be demonstrated by video where possible.

For Monster Web Hosting & E mail Customers Only.

The video’s are for the change of server, July 2017.  We are changing to a faster server called NEON.  Please use the video’s to make the changes to your existing settings on the following:

  • Gmail
  • Android
  • Outlook
  • Iphone/Ipad

Get In Touch

Keep in Touch

Easy ways to stay in touch


Contact Us

You can contact us via email:

Our weekday office hours are:
8.30am – 5.30pm*
*Please note these hours are for administration and non-plan subscribers.

We are a mobile service.  If you’d like us to visit, please contact us to book an appointment.

Please call:

0333 023 2082
07999 043773

We are happy to receive your texts on the mobile number.

For administration purposes you can contact:

The accounts team –

Our registered office address:
175A Whiteway Road

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