3 Simple Ways To Send Large Attachments Successfully Via Email

No more frustrating failed send attempts - with most emails being limited to the file size they can transmit, try an alternative approach to combat this common problem.
3 Simple Ways To Send Large Attachments Successfully Via Email

Zip Your Files

Put all the documents you wish to send together in a new folder - videos, images, spreadsheets etc. then right click that folder > send to > Compressed (zipped) folder.  You can rename the zipped folder if you wish.

To view the size of the zipped file: right click on the zipped file > properties. The file size will be shown on the general tab.  You can do the same on the original folder to see how much you have compressed the folder.  As long as the file is within the send limit you will be good to go!

NOTE: .jpg images are already fairly compressed.  You can add these to your zip file but they may not shrink by much more.

Use A Cloud Solution for File Sharing

If you have an Outlook account you will automatically have access to OneDrive. 

Upload your large files to your OneDrive account (drag and drop them from their existing place).  Once you are in OneDrive - Right click the files you wish to send then click on share (they should have a green tick which means they are uploaded to the cloud and ready to share).

You can add a message (which is optional) and change permissions for editing your files by clicking on 'Anyone with this link can edit' (make read only by un-ticking the 'allow editing' box).  If it's needed, you can also set the expiration date for access to your files.

Type in the email address you wish to send your link to on the blue line.  Alternatively, underneath the SEND button is the options to Copy Link or Send via Outlook (or other email apps).

There is other file sharing software that you can use instead, such as Dropbox, WeTransfer.com and iCloud.
3 Simple Ways To Send Large Attachments Successfully Via Email

Resize Large Images via Outlook

If your image attachments are failing to send due to their size, simply click on 'file' (in your new message box).  There will be an option at the top to 'Resize large images when I send this message'. Click on the circle to enable then go back to your message and try re-sending.  

If this fails to shrink your image size enough, try the options of file sharing or zipping your images as explained above.

Still can't send those files?

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