30 Day Free IT Support

How does it work?

Once we have received your request for the 30 Day Free IT Support trial, we will contact you via the email you have provided.  The trial is for one device, so choose which machine you would like to be monitored.  We will send you a link via email which will ask you to download and install a secure file.  Once you have installed the file on your selected machine, we will activate the monitoring software.

Once the software has been activated, we will run a check on your system and alert you of any problems.

During the 30 day trial, you are welcome to contact us about any issues you have.  We will call you before your trial ends to find out how you are getting on.

What are the benefits?

The immediate benefit is that your PC or laptop will be monitored, and you will be protected from any known virus, malware or ransomware.   You will be able to contact us for any issues you have with your PC, including printing problems, emails not working, slow internet connection or any other problems you have with your device.  You will not be charged for any work we do remotely on your PC.

Try our 30 Day Free IT Support Risk Free

Rest assured, we do not ask for any payment information and there is no obligation to sign up at the end of the trial.

Simply fill in the form below and we will contact you to begin the process.

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