Create a professional but personal email signature in a few easy steps.
outlook email signatures

How to add a professional email signature in Outlook

With the Outlook program open, select 'New Email'.
With the new message window, click on 'signature', then 'signatures' (different versions may have the icons in different places but the theory is still the same).

You can select an existing email signature to edit.....
... or create a new signature.
In the 'Edit Signature' area, you can create your signature using the tools available or you can 
copy and paste from a Word document.
Use the 'hyperlink' icon to add links to your website or social media pages.  You do this by 
highlighting the text (or image) and clicking on the icon to link it to the page.
Click on the pictures icon to add a personal picture or a business logo to your signature.
Don't forget to choose which email account you want to set your signature to.  

You can opt to attach your new signature to whichever account is appropriate.

It's advised that all 'New Messages' should have a signature attached and 'Replies/forwards' is a personal choice but most people set it to none.
We hope you found this guide useful.  If you are still having problems creating your signature, or if you'd like our team to do it for you, please contact us.
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