Rent Your Own Server - Store and share files, virtual desktops and apps including accountancy software. 

Rent Your Own Server and enhance your company's efficiency.  Set up accounts for your staff enabling them to work from home.


You access your server from any device which connects to the internet and has a browser.  So, if you want to work from home, you can do so by logging in from your phone, laptop, tablet or PC.

Furthermore, you can set up user log ins for your staff, which enables them to work remotely.


Have you got a big project coming up?  You can upgrade the storage and disk space, memory, and CPU’s when you need it.

We install Accountancy software, such as Sage and Quickbooks, Microsoft Office apps and Virtual Windows 10 desktops in advance.  Windows 7 available on request.


You can rent your own server for as little as £25 and therefore save on costly equipment.  In addition to saving money on the hardware, you also save on bulky equipment taking up precious office space.


The physical server is locked in a secure data centre, located in Bristol.

You control your data, and anyone who has access to it.  


We install essential software in advance, after that, you can add your own.  

The monthly rental price includes any remote work that we do for your server, therefore reducing further costs.


We set backups to perform automatically and regularly*:

Firstly, your files back up daily which gets replaced every 7 days.
Secondly, they back up weekly and we keep copies of them for 1 month.
Lastly, the monthly copies are also kept for 12 months.

* In addition to a physical disk backup, we also save them to Microsoft Azure.

Keeping The Server Updated

We occasionally need to update our servers.  Any work that potentially disrupts the use of your VPS will be posted in advance on Facebook.
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