Search Engine Optimisation

We help get small businesses to the top of Google….
And this is how we do it.

To make big changes, we need to start with the basics. We start by optimising your existing website. This means having a good look through your pages and making sure Google can find you. It may include re-writing some of your content so that we can include keywords. We will always ask you to read through any changes we make. Images may also need to be renamed and re-sized, and the navigation of your site will be tested and corrected so that customers can easily find what they are looking for.
Search Engine Optimisation

Managing expectations

Beware any company that guarantees they will get you to the top of Google. For example, if you are selling books about the Amazon, and you type in ‘amazon book’ into a search engine, you will see only books sold by Amazon. Please feel free to try this ….

Google is a business itself and only they decide who they put on the first page. They do this by using algorithms which they change from time to time.

If you generate enough keyword rich content, have great links on your site and explain your product/service in great detail, there is no reason why Google would ignore you. We help businesses improve their existing site to fully optimise all their pages. We do not guarantee you will be top of page one, we simply do all that we can to get you there.

How we know what we do works

We have experience working with online businesses and have helped them get to the first page in Google.

Our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) begins by getting to know our customers business inside-out.

It’s important to find out what it is you really want from your website and the type of customers you are looking for. Aim to focus each page of the site attracting the type of customer your business is looking for. Also, by creating links within the site to products/services that either up-sell or cross-sell, you can generate more income. It’s also important to list your business on relevant sites, such as review sites, as this helps to create back links.

What we do works. You will see it in the form of increased customer sales and sign ups on the websites. Sometimes, with newer start-up businesses, this process can take longer due to the brand being new to market. With a bit of time, and a complete marketing strategy, even the smaller businesses will soon be noticed by their target market.
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