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Website Building

Website building

Website Building Bristol – Monster IT Services Ltd

Having a responsive and mobile friendly website can offer a huge advantage to your business in today’s world.  People access the internet via mobile devices, tablets, laptops and computers at home, work and on the move.  What better way is there to promote your business than having a search engine friendly website?!

We offer a website building service which you can update as your business grows.

Websites have a starting cost from £180 for a basic one page site.  This does not include the cost of the domain name or hosting.

Domain names usually cost £12 for a ‘’.  This is valid for two years.   A ‘.com’ domain name costs £12 for a term of one year.

Designing your website

It is important when designing your website to have a target in mind.  What questions would you like to answer?  Do your research and find out what questions people would ask a search engine that would lead to your site giving them the answers.

Pictures, graphics and icons are somewhat important for design however the most important part is the content.  Spend time considering what you’d like to have people read about your business and make sure your visitors can easily access the information they require.  Customers should be able to easily find your contact details and don’t forget the legalities necessary for company websites.

Once the site is built, remember to keep it alive!  Blog posts and keeping your information up-to-date regularly is key to reminding search engines that your site is still active.  Our websites are designed so that our customers can easily update them, add pages and edit content.

Our Website Questionnaire should help you with the basic design and content.  Please download it and use it for reference. Once completed, email , along with any additional content including images.

Website Building Bristol – Monster IT Services Ltd


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